Since early times, wherever Christians have gathered, they have greeted one another with “a holy kiss”. The Kiss of Peace, during the Badarak, is the holy kiss. It is a sign of our great love for Jesus.

Jesus wants us to live in peace with one another. We pass the Kiss of Peace.

DCN. “Greet one another with a holy kiss; and you who are not worthy to partake of this divine mystery go outside the doors and pray there.”

CHR. * “Christ is revealed among us; he who is God is here seated. The voice of peace has resounded, the holy greeting is commanded. The Church has become one soul, the kiss is given for a full bond. Enmity has been removed, and love is spread among us all. Now, O ministers, raise your voice, bless in one accord the united Godhead to whom the seraphim give praise.”

* The deacon brings the kiss of peace from the altar to the congregation and says: “Krisdos i mech mer haydnetsav” (Christ is revealed among us). The recipient answers: “Orhnyal eh haydnootyoonun Krisdosi” (Blessed is the revelation of Christ).