About Us

St. Illuminator’s Cathedral promotes the education of our children so that they may appreciate and live their Armenian Christian heritage.


Why Sunday School Is Important for Our Children
Promoting Armenian Christianity in the lives of our children is important. Attending Church and Sunday School directly enforces their faith formation learning process along with the values you encourage them to live by daily in your home.

At Sunday School, children can explore the bonds between history, religion and art… and have fun, too!

Our Goals and Objectives
The purpose of the St. Illuminator’s Sunday School program is to facilitate an opportunity for children to learn the fundamentals of Orthodox Christianity as taught by the Fathers of the Orthodox Church. Additionally, St. Illuminator’s Sunday School provides an opportunity for children to learn their Armenian Culture through song, art and creative projects.

Our goal at Sunday School is to deliver these religious, cultural and educational opportunities in a positive and nuturing environment, and to encourage children to discover friendship and faith formation together

Sunday School at St. Illuminator’s Cathedral
Each Sunday from September until June, we offer children of all ages a firm foundation in Christianity, including the Bible and our Holy Traditions. That foundation was built lovingly by Jesus Christ, the Apostles and our Church fathers. We add to that foundation Armenian culture, history, and our own love and warmth.

Sunday School classes are held every Sunday from 10:30 a.m. until 12 noon.

Our curriculum is professionally prepared, and lesson plans are provided by the Prelacy’s Armenian Religious Education Committee (ANEC). Our classes are lively, engaging, and vary according to the age of the children in attendance.

Weekly lessons are provided to our teachers on a monthly basis, using The Bible, the Church Liturgy Book, textbooks, and other material selected at the choice of the teacher. Weekly lesson plans include ideas for interactive play, written and craft ideas to bring each lesson to life.

Attendance and Registration
Children of all ages are welcome to join our classes.

Drop-in attendance is welcome, but we are confident you’ll find our program worthy of regular attendance and participation.