Church will be Closed Sunday, January 17 and Sunday, January 24

Dear Parishioners and St. Illuminator’s Family,

We regret the necessity of having to inform you that we must again close the doors of our Church at least through the next two Sundays, January 17 and January 24. Prudence dictates that we do so and that we forgo holding services at all during that period even for purposes of live streaming. Several members of our Church community have tested positive for the Coronavirus. Thankfully, we are informed that they are each experiencing only mild symptoms and we pray for their speedy recovery. We encourage those of you who have been in Church during the past two weeks to be especially vigilant in self-monitoring your health and otherwise heeding the CDC’s guidance and, in an excess of caution, consider limiting contact with others and getting tested. We will of course keep you closely informed about any additional important developments should they occur. Much as we had hoped to be spared being visited by this contagion at St. Illuminator’s and all the anxiety it brings, we must now take our turn in the crucible. But with trust in the Lord’s will we pray that He will have mercy upon us and that by His grace we will emerge from this fire intact.

 Your most faithfully,Rev. Fr. Mesrob Lakissian and the Board of Trustees