Sevan Hajinian is a 52 year old mother of 15 and 17 year old daughters who needed a life-saving spine surgery at NYU Langone Medical Hospital for Joint Diseases.

Mrs. Hajinian and her brother are highly-dedicated members of the Canadian-Armenian community and active in the Canadian civil society. In addition to authoring an important resource book about “The Armenian Genocide Denied (A Response to Turkey’s Thirteen Propaganda Spins)”, she has been a volunteer youth leader, school board trustee, school parents committee member, and a social services, immigration and government relations adviser. Mrs. Hajinian had here surgery on Tuesday December 4. According to the doctors, the surgery went well. She was discharged from the hospital on December 15.

The initial estimated cost of the hospital and the doctors is US $146.000. The Hajinian family, the Canadian Armenian Community, and their friends from various faiths based and Canadian civil society organizations have raised CDN $120.000. The hospital agreed to schedule the surgery with what they have raised so far on the condition that the remaining balance will be paid after the surgery. Already the family transferred US $71,000 to the hospital. The doctors’ fees of US $48,500 have been paid in full. The family still has to pay the hospital’s remaining fees.

The above cost is based on 5 hours of surgery room operation time and 5 days of hospitalization. The surgery lasted around 7:30 hours. Mrs. Hajinina’s stayed in the hospital exceeded the 5 days. In total she stayed at the hospital almost two weeks.

Mrs. Hanjinian’s case is high profile case in Canada and the media covered her story on TV, radio, and print.

So far St. Illuminator’s Cathedral and community already raised $4,000.00.

If you would like to help in covering Mrs. Hajinian’s remaining hospital fees, please make a donation payable to the St. Illuminator’s Cathedral (221 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016). Please indicate “Fund for Sevan Hajinian” in the memo area.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

We pray that with your help we will be able to give the family the best ever New Year and Christmas gift any one would wish—a good health. God Bless.